Ke$ha is an Aruban island dog, which everyone I say that to thinks is a new AKC breed. She was literally adopted from the streets of Aruba. She has the free spirit to match her beginnings, and is more often diving at groups of pigeons, tongue flapping, than still, as in these photos…but action shots aren’t safe!

She has it backwards, like the Starburst dog.

Saying hello to a very nice Husky at the MSP dog run.

Still excited about the vet clinic because it’s only her PRE-spay exam.

Feeling less enthusiastic about the vet after her spay. Poor baby.

Ke$ha lucked out and hit the dry part of the day for her walk, so we were able to harass squirrels eating fries from the Shake Shack trash cans. She now sees garbage bins as potential pop-up toys.

Ke$ha usually thinks it’s lame when street musicians start playing “How Much Is That Doggie In The Window” when she walks by, but she has the decency to stop and listen to the handicapable guitarist’s rendition every time.

Ke$ha and I escaped the wind tunnels to a sunny section of the park, just in time to watch tourists feed a very friendly squirrel.

What a mess. Ke$ha tends to get anxious around loud noises, especially from machinery (idling truck motors are her nemeses), but this scene was exciting to her. Workers with neon jackets seem to have a gravitational pull on her, maybe because she knows she’s free to maul their tough Carhartt coats and gloves since they’re always receptive. Life is a contact sport for Ke$ha, and she’s always looking for the next person who’ll play with her, so we work on understanding the difference between a lady wearing platform stilettos who might tip over and a construction worker who’s clearly up for a wrestle. And she always reigns it in when I ask her to, as evidenced below (good girl!).

An impromptu play session with Olive (Ke$ha sees her from across the park and starts crying, she loves her so much!) and another pup. They couldn’t have cared less if they had running water at home. Note the sweet kiss the multicolored pup was giving Ke$ha.

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