Jackson was so perfect from day one that I thought he might actually be an Ewok and not a dog at all. I said “sit” once and he did.

Pure, unapologetic cuteness.

Making babies happy in Madison Square Park.

With his girlfriend (and I mean his friend who is a girl, not a creepy anthropomorphism), Summer. Despite the size difference, they are perfect playmates because Summer is SO gentle.

This is what happens every day when we round the corner of 22nd and 7th. Summer didn’t care about the puppies on the other side of the glass until she realized she was free and they weren’t. Now she taunts them. Jackson can’t be bothered with youngsters since he’s a big boy now (that sounds ridiculous but it’s really how he acts), and instead wanted to play with the ladies at OMG Jeans who were clapping and dancing to “Girl On Fire.” Then they ran because some people think Summer is a polar bear.

Summer and Jackson let off so much steam together, which is a wonderful thing for their parents. Still shots are impossible once playtime starts.

A water main break at 23rd and Broadway turned a normally congested and crazy Friday into an absolute circus. Jackson inspected the situation and was pretty sure he knew where the problem was and could fix it, if only someone would’ve asked him.

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