Love Week

I wish I could explain to Jackson why I can’t share his gift to me with him. Here’s hoping everyone kept their Valentine’s chocolates out of the paths of snooping noses! Thanks Jackson, I love you too!

Fun fact about Candy: her birthday is on Valentine’s day (hence the name). I randomly bought her a Kong squeaky ball the day before, unaware of the cause for celebration, and I’m so glad I did because she and Yoyo went all out on my Valentine’s gift. So beautiful, so thoughtful, so…gone as soon as my husband got hold of it. The two chocolates I had were delicious.

A kiss from Summer feels like an attack with a Stella-and-Chewy’s-scented mop, but it’s filled with so much love that I can’t say no. She’s the reason I go though twice as much lip balm as a normal human being.

Ke$ha and I walked to Union Square for a change of scenery on Valentine’s Day. She prefers days when the farmer’s market isn’t there because she has more space to harass pigeons.

Leo (Shorkie in front) is a frequent boarder with us, and he tagged along with Emma for our sunset pier walk.

Leo and I had a sleepover with Rocky and Bullwinkle, and we all took a lovely excursion to a market in the West Village. Walking different routes and going to new places is important for dogs, because they need fresh stimuli. These little guys kept braiding their leashes as they wove around each other to sniff and mark every vertical object…and that means they were having a fabulous time.