What’s A Friday In Manhattan Without Some Chaos?

A water main break at 23rd and Broadway turned a normally congested and crazy Friday into an absolute circus. Jackson inspected the situation and was pretty sure he knew where the problem was and could fix it, if only someone would’ve asked him.

What a mess. Ke$ha tends to get anxious around loud noises, especially from machinery (idling truck motors are her nemeses), but this scene was exciting to her. Workers with neon jackets seem to have a gravitational pull on her, maybe because she knows she’s free to maul their tough Carhartt coats and gloves since they’re always receptive. Life is a contact sport for Ke$ha, and she’s always looking for the next person who’ll play with her, so we work on understanding the difference between a lady wearing platform stilettos who might tip over and a construction worker who’s clearly up for a wrestle. And she always reigns it in when I ask her to, as evidenced below (good girl!).

An impromptu play session with Olive (Ke$ha sees her from across the park and starts crying, she loves her so much!) and another pup. They couldn’t have cared less if they had running water at home. Note the sweet kiss the multicolored pup was giving Ke$ha.

Candy was cold in the shade, so I stuffed her into my coat for a warm-up.

Summer and Jason joined us. Such a fluffy, attractive trio (the dogs, not Jason…though he does need a haircut).

Foreboding clouds crept in at the close of the day. Happy weekend everypup!