And They Call the Weather Sybil

It snowed, then hailed, then rained today, which was the worst possible order since the only good thing about snow is playing in it, and the hail and rain didn’t give it a sticking chance. They instead turned it into a mucky, brown slush, perfect for embedding itself in freshly groomed paws.

Poor Jackson and Summer, who always sit so nicely at intersections and look up at me to see if they’re getting treats, were being pelted in the eyes by the hail. Thanks for the negative reinforcement, Mother Nature.

Ke$ha lucked out and hit the dry part of the day for her walk, so we were able to harass squirrels eating fries from the Shake Shack trash cans. She now sees garbage bins as potential pop-up toys.

Candy and Yoyo enjoy yucky days, but only because they get dried off at the end. They’re both extremely competitive for attention, and the towel seems to have some weighty significance in their world because whoever is having his or her turn in it acts like they’re being crowned with a bacon tiara. Candy gets on her back and lounges like Cleopatra while I rub her tummy, and Yoyo licks her face while whining in protest. He’s more sheepish about enjoying his spa time and just looks down while licking his lips slowly.

Rocky and Bullwinkle are famous for hating precipitation. Rocky covers himself with his blanket and hides. They both try to get away with a quick tinkle and then point emphatically back at the door. Rocky’s sideways glare and strong-arm sum it up.