Mad City

The second most fun thing about dog walking in NYC (first is the dogs, obviously) is never knowing what or who we’re going to see, and dramatic events seem to enjoy company. This particular Monday was the delightful variety of exciting.

Frequenters of Chelsea and the Flatiron tend to become desensitized to film productions, but even the natives have to stop and snap pics when a car is being hoisted in the air by a crane. We cleared out before it was dropped on the cab. I love how unimpressed Ke$ha is. She has the aloof New Yorker vibe down to perfection here.

Ke$h was still amped up by all the movie gawkers when we came upon the Neapolitan Express pizza truck near Madison Square Park, and these promoters were ready for her. They gave us a free pizza for posing in a pic with them, and it was aMAzing (Ke$ha got chicken strip treats, NOT pizza…there will be no runs on my watch!).

Sometimes ya just gotta dance on a cab. Candy, Yoyo and I were sure this woman was going to fall, but she had the agility of a mountain goat…and in heels!