Ode To Cowboy And Lucki

Cowboy and Lucki are ex-clients (their parents moved) who are very special to me, in part because they look and behave like dogs my family owned when I was young, but also because they’re both rescues with amazing stories. They still stay with us often enough to keep me from going through withdrawal. I recorded this re-lyricized cover of a Broadway tune a while back with a friend when we had down time in a studio, on a whim (the lyrics are easily explained: Cowboy was attacked by a Pit Bull in a dog run years ago and I broke it up, and Lucki loves to howl at fire trucks and chase squirrels). It’s spoof-y and silly…but also very true.

Kissena Park Saturday

We spend most Saturdays in Kissena Park in Flushing. Nature trails through woods and marshes seems to go on forever, and one can almost get lost. We like hanging by this little pond, nestled secretively in a huge thicket. Our pups (note: all dogs are pups to me, regardless of age) have endless fun when it freezes over.