Winter’s Last Hurrah

It was the last full week of winter, and, aptly enough, it came in like a lion and went out like a lamb. Like a large, sort of grumpy lamb…but still, an improvement, and a hint at what’s hopefully to come beginning Wednesday!

Wet dogs on Tuesday, courtesy of snowy, slushy muck.

Jackson and Summer always have extra sillies to get out on rainy days.

The skies cleared midweek and we were able to return to our favorite routines. Rocky’s and Bullwinkle’s preferred walk destination is The Barking Zoo, where we buy duck strips. Candy and Yoyo love the Union Square Market.

Thursday afternoon at the pier with Emma was lovely.


I wait all year to play in the snow with Rocky and Bullwinkle. Rocky (big guy) is obsessive with any form of projectile water. He’s not allowed to play with water from hoses because he’s so voracious, he would choke before he would stop. Snow is safe because he spits it out after catching it. Bullwinkle protests constantly but doesn’t actually want to touch the snow because it intimidates him. Rocky is no Spring Boston anymore, but he can still do a mid-air 180!

FAIR WARNING: I hate myself a little more each time I hear my uncontrollable, shrill stupiddogvoice on video, but I would rather subject you to it than to a song that likely isn’t your bag…music is very personal and I promise to never make you, dear follower, feel aurally assaulted when you just want to see some cute dogs! Just…maybe turn down the volume.

Love Week

I wish I could explain to Jackson why I can’t share his gift to me with him. Here’s hoping everyone kept their Valentine’s chocolates out of the paths of snooping noses! Thanks Jackson, I love you too!

Fun fact about Candy: her birthday is on Valentine’s day (hence the name). I randomly bought her a Kong squeaky ball the day before, unaware of the cause for celebration, and I’m so glad I did because she and Yoyo went all out on my Valentine’s gift. So beautiful, so thoughtful, so…gone as soon as my husband got hold of it. The two chocolates I had were delicious.

A kiss from Summer feels like an attack with a Stella-and-Chewy’s-scented mop, but it’s filled with so much love that I can’t say no. She’s the reason I go though twice as much lip balm as a normal human being.

Ke$ha and I walked to Union Square for a change of scenery on Valentine’s Day. She prefers days when the farmer’s market isn’t there because she has more space to harass pigeons.

Leo (Shorkie in front) is a frequent boarder with us, and he tagged along with Emma for our sunset pier walk.

Leo and I had a sleepover with Rocky and Bullwinkle, and we all took a lovely excursion to a market in the West Village. Walking different routes and going to new places is important for dogs, because they need fresh stimuli. These little guys kept braiding their leashes as they wove around each other to sniff and mark every vertical object…and that means they were having a fabulous time.

Super Bowl Hangover Monday

Almost all of my doggie clients acted the way the rest of the city seemed to feel the day after a Super Bowl party, and I suspect we all had a few too many snacks. They were sluggish and slow, and most had poo (I don’t have to say #2, right?) that suggested they’d scarfed up every single dropped Frito and cookie crumb from several guests. Our dogs got duck confit…NOT so accidentally.

Summer, Jackson and I ran into Lola and her dad, and he was nice enough to snap a pic of our sidewalk reunion (we hadn’t seen her in a week, which is too long!).

Emma had an admirer in the dog run (we don’t go in…to learn why, read my post about dog runs). He kept following her and whined when we walked away.

What’s A Friday In Manhattan Without Some Chaos?

A water main break at 23rd and Broadway turned a normally congested and crazy Friday into an absolute circus. Jackson inspected the situation and was pretty sure he knew where the problem was and could fix it, if only someone would’ve asked him.

What a mess. Ke$ha tends to get anxious around loud noises, especially from machinery (idling truck motors are her nemeses), but this scene was exciting to her. Workers with neon jackets seem to have a gravitational pull on her, maybe because she knows she’s free to maul their tough Carhartt coats and gloves since they’re always receptive. Life is a contact sport for Ke$ha, and she’s always looking for the next person who’ll play with her, so we work on understanding the difference between a lady wearing platform stilettos who might tip over and a construction worker who’s clearly up for a wrestle. And she always reigns it in when I ask her to, as evidenced below (good girl!).

An impromptu play session with Olive (Ke$ha sees her from across the park and starts crying, she loves her so much!) and another pup. They couldn’t have cared less if they had running water at home. Note the sweet kiss the multicolored pup was giving Ke$ha.

Candy was cold in the shade, so I stuffed her into my coat for a warm-up.

Summer and Jason joined us. Such a fluffy, attractive trio (the dogs, not Jason…though he does need a haircut).

Foreboding clouds crept in at the close of the day. Happy weekend everypup!

We Actually Might Be In Kansas Now

The strong winds today created hundreds of mini trash tornadoes and jostled huge signs hanging overhead. Some of my pups thought it was the apocalypse and stuck close to me (everyone but Jackson), and others took it as a challenge and chased every piece of flying debris and barked at dangling billboards (Jackson!). No pics of those moments, unfortunately, I was busy making sure no one’s eye was impaled.

Ke$ha and I escaped the wind tunnels to a sunny section of the park, just in time to watch tourists feed a very friendly squirrel.

This shot of Emma struggling to walk west with me toward the piers illustrates how powerful the wind was. She was working so hard it looks like she’s running.

Sweet Little Emma

Emma is quiet and mild in manner, but that’s not to say she’s boring. If she were human, she would read lots of Jane Austen and pick nosegays of wildflowers daily. There’s no way she could not be romantic with those eyelashes.

Emma gets to play with Penny, her Pomtese neighbor, when she visits from Canada every January.

When is Summer not looking at squirrels? Emma doesn’t share her interest but is happy to tag along (mostly because there are chicken strips at the end of this trip).