Candy and Yoyo

Seriously handsome pups, just back from the groomer. Candy is the little big sister, on the left. She runs things.

You can’t see it, but there’s a cat on top of that pile in the cart. This guy rolls around MSP all summer with his kitty and little dog. We said hello to them nearly every day last year.

Ok, so this isn’t Candy or Yoyo, but they were with me and we laughed our butts off at this poor dog.

Candy’s favorite summer activity is watching the mice scurry around their little ecosystem behind the benches in MSP. She is an avid hunter.

Candy and Yoyo enjoy yucky days, but only because they get dried off at the end. They’re both extremely competitive for attention, and the towel seems to have some weighty significance in their world because whoever is having his or her turn in it acts like they’re being crowned with a bacon tiara. Candy gets on her back and lounges like Cleopatra while I rub her tummy, and Yoyo licks her face while whining in protest. He’s more sheepish about enjoying his spa time and just looks down while licking his lips slowly.

The nice people at the Van Leeuwen Ice Cream truck always offer a teensy bit of vanilla to pups of patrons. And Yoyo looks like ice cream, so it’s fitting.
Candy and Yoyo love surprise visits from Jason (my husband) because his pants are always dirty and they know they can jump on them.

Candy was cold in the shade, so I stuffed her into my coat for a warm-up.

Summer and Jason joined us. Such a fluffy, attractive trio (the dogs, not Jason…though he does need a haircut).

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