Ode To Cowboy And Lucki

I was perusing old posts and rediscovered this one about two of my very first clients. It makes me happy to watch, so thought I’d repost. It’s also a cheap and gratiutous way to force people to listen to me singing.


Cowboy and Lucki are ex-clients (their parents moved) who are very special to me, in part because they look and behave like dogs my family owned when I was young, but also because they’re both rescues with amazing stories. They still stay with us often enough to keep me from going through withdrawal. I recorded this re-lyricized cover of a Broadway tune a while back with a friend when we had down time in a studio, on a whim (the lyrics are easily explained: Cowboy was attacked by a Pit Bull in a dog run years ago and I broke it up, and Lucki loves to howl at fire trucks and chase squirrels). It’s spoof-y and silly…but also very true.

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