Peachy Georgia

I’m in NoHo once again to care for Georgia, a sweet Pointer/Lab mix, and this time the reason is a pretty big one…mom and dad got married yesterday! I wanted to show Georgia a great time while her parents made memories at Martha’s Vineyard, so we trekked all over SoHo, NoLiTa and the East Village. And what a gorgeous weekend, for us and for the wedding!

Georgia’s breed mixture makes for pretty intense games of fetch. In a human, this would be called OCD. In a Pointer/Lab, it’s adorable.

Our expedition through the treacherous, tourist-clogged, MALLified shopping distict on Broadway. I did love how Georgia’s intimidating (to some) size parted the crowds like a hot knife in butter. I will take her shopping more often! Oh, and I have no idea why she wanted to get on the 6 train, but she froze there for quite a while. Maybe she has a boyfriend in the Bronx.

Down time after a long day of walking and fetching. I’ve never seen a dog watch TV with such interest and focus before! I think it had a lot to do with the bright colors, vivid images and stimulating sounds of the cartoon. Note to fellow dog owners, if you want to leave the TV on to entertain your pup, tune it to the Disney Channel!

I discovered in a guilt-inducing way that Georgia won’t eat her meals until she’s given permission. I prepared her dinner the first evening then walked away, assuming she was chowing down, but when I returned moments later she was staring at the bowl and drooling so much that a puddle had formed beneath her. Her parents have obviously trained her extensively, plus I think she’s just a very good girl by nature. Fun training tidbit: behaviorists call these “life rewards.” Requiring a dog to sit and wait for a command to eat meals, get leashed for walks and start playtime is key to reinforcing good behavior.

A Corgi pup walked up to us from a storefront on Crosby and initiated a fun, impromptu play session. I love that the photos depict how it all started with a slap from Georgia, then it was ON. That Corgi was tough, and Georgia ultimately submitted. I have to mention that I’m normally hugely against off-leash dogs, but since Georgia beckoned the pup with her come-hither-and-play stare, this felt light-hearted and safe.


What a fabulous holiday weekend! The only drawback to staying with Georgia is that her neighborhood is too fun and not cheap. I seldom go home with any pay. But I consider it a mini vacation. I think I deserve some frivolity while the rest of the country is cooking out and partying! A party of me and Georgia suits me just fine.

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