I wait all year to play in the snow with Rocky and Bullwinkle. Rocky (big guy) is obsessive with any form of projectile water. He’s not allowed to play with water from hoses because he’s so voracious, he would choke before he would stop. Snow is safe because he spits it out after catching it. Bullwinkle protests constantly but doesn’t actually want to touch the snow because it intimidates him. Rocky is no Spring Boston anymore, but he can still do a mid-air 180!

FAIR WARNING: I hate myself a little more each time I hear my uncontrollable, shrill stupiddogvoice on video, but I would rather subject you to it than to a song that likely isn’t your bag…music is very personal and I promise to never make you, dear follower, feel aurally assaulted when you just want to see some cute dogs! Just…maybe turn down the volume.

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