Weekend Pupdate

Sorry for the delay folks! I’ve decided to post weekly on Fridays (and I think I should get a pass on being two days late this week because a) Nemo happened and b) last Thursday was my birthday), since my least favorite thing about blogs is the pressure to post even when nothing blogworthy has happened (you can only see your dog pointing at squirrels SO many times). But if, say, I catch a shot of a squirrel drinking a cappuccino with his pinky sticking out while being pointed at, I will do a spontaneous daily post.

Summer and Jackson playtime is video-worthy every time. They’re the two best friends that anyone could have (yes the two best friends that anyone could have). Apologies for the camera flip, my husband just told me he has a stiff neck after craning to watch this.

Ke$ha always tries to go on the art viewing benches in MSP when people are lying on them. She thinks it’s an invitation to cuddle.
This is what Ke$ha does when I give her a RRREEEAAALLLLLLYYY tasty treat. It’s hilarious.

Candy and Yoyo pulled me toward the PetCo at Union Square. They’re not often opinionated about where we walk, so I indulge them when they are.

Rocky and Bullwinkle played tug-o-war as the sun went down.

Jackson’s mom and dad completely surprised me with a birthday card and beautiful gift. I was so moved.
My pups knew they were about to get frosting.

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