We Actually Might Be In Kansas Now

The strong winds today created hundreds of mini trash tornadoes and jostled huge signs hanging overhead. Some of my pups thought it was the apocalypse and stuck close to me (everyone but Jackson), and others took it as a challenge and chased every piece of flying debris and barked at dangling billboards (Jackson!). No pics of those moments, unfortunately, I was busy making sure no one’s eye was impaled.

Ke$ha and I escaped the wind tunnels to a sunny section of the park, just in time to watch tourists feed a very friendly squirrel.

This shot of Emma struggling to walk west with me toward the piers illustrates how powerful the wind was. She was working so hard it looks like she’s running.

It Was A Beautiful Day

Summer and Jackson let off so much steam together, which is a wonderful thing for their parents. Still shots are impossible once playtime starts.

The nice people at the Van Leeuwen Ice Cream truck always offer a teensy bit of vanilla to pups of patrons. And Yoyo looks like ice cream, so it’s fitting.
Candy and Yoyo love surprise visits from Jason (my husband) because his pants are always dirty and they know they can jump on them.

Half a second later, this hipster lost his finger. Just kidding, Rocky licked him and he told us to have a beautiful day. And then there was a lovely sunset…awwww.

That’s Better

This is what happens every day when we round the corner of 22nd and 7th. Summer didn’t care about the puppies on the other side of the glass until she realized she was free and they weren’t. Now she taunts them. Jackson can’t be bothered with youngsters since he’s a big boy now (that sounds ridiculous but it’s really how he acts), and instead wanted to play with the ladies at OMG Jeans who were clapping and dancing to “Girl On Fire.” Then they ran because some people think Summer is a polar bear.

Ke$ha usually thinks it’s lame when street musicians start playing “How Much Is That Doggie In The Window” when she walks by, but she has the decency to stop and listen to the handicapable guitarist’s rendition every time.

Emma and I enjoyed our gray afternoon walk along the pier.

And They Call the Weather Sybil

It snowed, then hailed, then rained today, which was the worst possible order since the only good thing about snow is playing in it, and the hail and rain didn’t give it a sticking chance. They instead turned it into a mucky, brown slush, perfect for embedding itself in freshly groomed paws.

Poor Jackson and Summer, who always sit so nicely at intersections and look up at me to see if they’re getting treats, were being pelted in the eyes by the hail. Thanks for the negative reinforcement, Mother Nature.

Ke$ha lucked out and hit the dry part of the day for her walk, so we were able to harass squirrels eating fries from the Shake Shack trash cans. She now sees garbage bins as potential pop-up toys.

Candy and Yoyo enjoy yucky days, but only because they get dried off at the end. They’re both extremely competitive for attention, and the towel seems to have some weighty significance in their world because whoever is having his or her turn in it acts like they’re being crowned with a bacon tiara. Candy gets on her back and lounges like Cleopatra while I rub her tummy, and Yoyo licks her face while whining in protest. He’s more sheepish about enjoying his spa time and just looks down while licking his lips slowly.

Rocky and Bullwinkle are famous for hating precipitation. Rocky covers himself with his blanket and hides. They both try to get away with a quick tinkle and then point emphatically back at the door. Rocky’s sideways glare and strong-arm sum it up.

Sweet Little Emma

Emma is quiet and mild in manner, but that’s not to say she’s boring. If she were human, she would read lots of Jane Austen and pick nosegays of wildflowers daily. There’s no way she could not be romantic with those eyelashes.

Emma gets to play with Penny, her Pomtese neighbor, when she visits from Canada every January.

When is Summer not looking at squirrels? Emma doesn’t share her interest but is happy to tag along (mostly because there are chicken strips at the end of this trip).

Action Jackson

Jackson was so perfect from day one that I thought he might actually be an Ewok and not a dog at all. I said “sit” once and he did.

Pure, unapologetic cuteness.

Making babies happy in Madison Square Park.

With his girlfriend (and I mean his friend who is a girl, not a creepy anthropomorphism), Summer. Despite the size difference, they are perfect playmates because Summer is SO gentle.

Rocky and Bullwinkle

This is Rocky (big guy) and Bullwinkle (little guy), enjoying the view of the UES from Astoria Park during a stay with us last summer.

Rocky’s favorite spot on a sunny day is his terrace.

Bullwinkle prefers rolling in sunny park grass. It’s illegal for dogs to walk on all the lawns on the Chelsea piers, and men in blue coats will actually ticket you if they catch you. We think that’s bogus (I understand not wanting them to trample on and destroy it, and I absolutely support not allowing them to eliminate on it since that’s unsanitary for people and children, but an innocent roll or two? It’s not like they’re carrying Ebola!), so he still gets his chlorophyll fix when we’re feeling rebellious.

Playtime is always extreme with Bostons, they’ll happily lose a tooth (and have, many) to win the toy.

A beautiful summer evening at the pier.