Triboro Bridge

Harrison, our hound-mix boy, isn’t keen on looking over the edge. We walk to Randall’s Island across the Triboro from Astoria when our dogs need serious exercise.

2 thoughts on “Triboro Bridge

  1. Marcela says:

    He is adorable:) I’ve had two dogs and countless other staying with me, and not one of them have ever liked to look over the edge of anything like a bridge. If I stop somewhere, what they like to do is just sniff everything. Some, the more daring ones, stand on their hind legs while attempting to see what is going on on the other side, but I never force them and I prefer for them to keep all their paws on terra ferma. I know the area. I used to live in Astoria years ago. Enjoy your doggies, but if he is afraid I wouldn’t push it:) Why? Its better that Harrison always associates going for a walk with you as something pleasant rather than something scary:) I have not been in NY in years.

  2. playbows says:

    It was his idea actually, I was against it from the start! 🙂 The tip of his nose doesn’t even reach the top of the barrier, so he never saw water, but the combination of the elevation with the swaying of the bridge and the stinky truck fumes makes the trip to and from Randalls harrowing for both our dogs. Thankfully the usually-mostly-empty island with tons of open green space makes it worth their while. Thanks for commenting!

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